Notes from the Lodge Administrator, March 2020

It appears we skipped the second half of winter and jumped right into spring. This weather is crazy. So, we may as well enjoy it. Lots happening at the lodge this spring, so I hope you have your calendars posted on the refrigerator where they belong. We will be celebrating our 60th Anniversary of the Lodge Charter along with the installation of the new Woman’s and Men’s board of officers for the upcoming term 2020-2021, on April 25th. So please come join us for this momentous celebration.

As always I want to welcome the newest members of the lodge that have joined over the last few months. As they are the life blood of our organization and what keeps us growing and getting better. I also want all of our volunteers to know that the time and effort they put in is what makes the difference in our success. I know it sounds cliché but it’s what makes Pacifica lodge noticeably special.

Thank you to all.

See you at the lodge!

Fraternally Yours

Rich Russitano

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