From the Senior Regent, May 2020

Hello Co-Workers,

As this will be my last letter. I would like to first let everyone know we are thinking of all of you during this time, and to make sure you all are safe and healthy.

I wish to thank my board and all my chairmen for all their hard work they have put in this past year. I also want to thank the LOOM board for all their hard work. Together we made a difference.

I wish to introduce the new board for the 2020—2021 year:
Peggy Ussery — Senior regent
Ellie Bowen — Junior Regent
Chris Giglotti — Secretary/Treasurer
Debbie willers — Recorder
Cynthia Ussery — Junior Grad Regent

Please keep a look out for when we can do our installation of the new board. I know they will do a great job.

Cynthia Ussery
Sr Regent 2019-2020

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