We need you more than ever!!

Take a moment to check your membership card and make sure your dues are current. Not only are you helping our community but you are helping our seniors at Moosehaven and our kids at Mooseheart. You also have a fun and safe place to come and have dinner and make new friends.

Please renew your dues, we don’t want loose our Moose family members during these hard times. We at the Pacifica Lodge have come a long way to put our name back on the map with Moose International with our membership. From down and almost out we are now up and running strong, thanks to all of you.


So please get your dues in. If your dues are current we thank you. If you would just like to help us out with a donation to keep our lodge afloat, we do still have bills to pay. Please feel free to contact us or mail it in. We are also here every Thursday for Steak Take Out Night.

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