Letter from the Governor, September 2020

Howdy to all the Pacifica Moose Lodge Members,

Wow here we are in September and our Lodge has been closed since March. It has been a struggle to make ends meet but we are doing it with your support. In January we heard of this virus that was going on around the world, never thinking that it would affect us the way it has. The worst feeling is when it became personal. The pain that some of us felt knowing a friend or family member had been diagnosed. I know that somehow, we will all get through this if we all do our part. Face coverings and washing your hands may seem like a simple task.

Unfortunately, all you need to do is drive near the beach and see that for many it is not an easy task. We have put all the required protocols in place with the Health dept. and once we get the OK to open, we will be ready. Your support during this time is especially important. Our commitments are still there. Bills need to be paid. Our support to Mooseheart and Moosehaven must be met. Our Thursday Night take out is working and has been remarkably successful. We encourage you to drop a little extra in the endowment fund when you can. We are working on hosting some outside events in the next couple of months. We did host a U.S. Census training at the lodge, if you have not filled out your form Please do. The Census workers will be knocking on doors who have not sent in the Census forms. Here is what we learned, they will not ask your immigration status or any financial question.

Membership is what drives our Lodge, we need you more now than ever. Check your membership card if it expired please renew. If you know someone that may want to join please ask them. To our new members who are waiting to be enrolled that day will come soon. Moving forward we are going to have fun and enjoy seeing everyone.

Fraternally Yours
Leonard Iniguez
Governor 2020-2021
One and Fun!!!

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