Notes from the Lodge Administrator, November 2020

Hello Brothers and Co Workers,

First and foremost on behalf of our board of officers. I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience throughout this COVID downtime. And a special thank you to all the brand new members that haven’t been enrolled yet. I promise you will be contacted soon for your formal enrollment. We haven’t been able to gather at the lodge for almost eight months. But know we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Barring any further setbacks, we are now allowed to gather indoors at a limited capacity. If you call the lodge we can accommodate a limited number of parties for indoor dining. So feel free to call your dinner reservations in and if we can accommodate you we will. For now it’s only Thursday steak night offered, and soon we will add Fridays. But we can only go a step at a time.

I also need you all to understand that we have quite a financial hole to work our way out of. For all these months the regular monthly bills haven’t stopped and we really need your participation in this recovery. So please consider having dinner with us once a week. Either dining in or to go. And don’t forget to get your Queen of Hearts tickets while you’re there. The pot continues to grow weekly as expected until there’s a lucky winner.

Fraternally Yours
Rich Russitano

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