Notes from the Lodge Administrator, March 2021

Hello Brothers and Co Workers,

They say “patience is a virtue”; well, this part of the pandemic is putting us to the test. As everyone is getting their shots and restrictions are easing, it’s only a matter of a few more weeks before we are allowed to all be together again. The end is truly near.

Currently at the lodge we are in high gear to do final updates to the lodge before our reopening. And because of the awesome response to the request for donation, we were able to complete some very necessary and overdue projects. We were able to do a remodel of the men’s bathroom downstairs and it came out terrific. Take a peek next time you’re there. Special thank you to our Prelate John Gomez for all his labor and expertise. We will soon move on to the ladies room as well. In March we will also begin the big job of painting the entire upstairs, and we can use some help doing it. If you have some time and would like to help, just call the Lodge and leave your contact info. The dates and times will be posted.

I just want to say that regardless if we are all together at the Lodge or not, our membership always comes through. The donations and the overwhelming response by all of you is what the Moose and fraternalism is all about.

Finally, I would like to give a heartfelt farewell to long time members Brent and Regina Crowley. They are relocating to Austin, Texas. Brent was a past board member and his years of service to the lodge are greatly appreciated. They were both regular attendees of our family dinner nights and all the Lodge functions. They also signed up many terrific new members to their credit. So, thank you and good luck to you both on your new adventure and life in Texas.

Fraternally Yours
Rich Russitano

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