Notes from the Lodge Administrator, May 2021

Hello Brothers and Co Workers,

Transition is always interesting. No matter what!

Some may find it easy ha-ha, and the rest of us find it more confusing and bothersome. But nevertheless, transition is what we are faced with.

The One Moose concept is our future! Beginning May 1st 2021, it is indeed our new beginning. Our leadership at Mooseheart, after many years of seeing numbers decline, has deemed it necessary to announce it is time for change. Change for the future growth and survival of our beloved fraternity. So, for those that are still confused I will try to help. Simply put we are One Moose. We are first and foremost an individual Moose Member. All with the same title, purpose, and goals. Yes, you are an individual “Moose member” man or women that joins your home lodge to aid and protect Mooseheart, Moosehaven, and our communities.

We are all finally equal! And this is very important to most of us. All with an equal opportunity to participate and guide in the direction of our home lodges, districts, and associations. This part of the the One Moose concept is easy. What everyone is finding more confusing is the “how” part: how we choose to further commit and participate going forward.

While the women will still have their “Women of the Moose” auxiliary, the men will continue with the “Moose Legion”. Both with the same goals for planning activities, fund raising and filling our calendars with events and activities. Both auxiliaries are also necessary for advancement for higher degrees of our order. Also, you as an individual will have equal opportunity to become a lodge officer in 2022. Yes, you can run for President. Your mother will be so proud!

This is where your help is needed the most. Your input, new ideas and your participation in either the WOTM or Moose Legion will contribute and help form the direction of our Lodge’s future. All in hopes of making it a more exciting and comfortable place for your families and future members.

We all need to take part, being more proactive in shaping our Lodge’s future. So ask about the WOTM and the Moose Legion and please join us. We are in a great position right now with the pandemic at our backs to make this new beginning and the Pacifica Moose Lodge’s future brighter than ever.

If you still have questions regarding any of this lets talk. In the meantime you can go to for answers as well.

Fraternally Yours,
Rich Russitano

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