Letter from the President, July 2021

Howdy to all the Pacifica One Moose Lodge Members,

What an exciting time to be a member of the Pacifica Moose Lodge 1944.

On June 22nd 2021 we made history: it was our first enrollment as One Moose.

We had a total of 18 new members show up. Brothers and Sisters taking the oath, what a sight, men and women sharing the same passion, to serve our great community. We are OPEN, ready to host events and getting life back to normal.

We have so many great ideas. It is a clean slate so I would love to hear your ideas.
Nothing is off the table. Would you like a trivia night, or darts and pool game night? We are working on bringing back line dancing. Still would like to do a fishing trip or head over to Golden Gate Fields to enjoy the ponies.

I would like to ask each and everyone if you have the time or the knowledge to chair an event or help plan an outing. We need your help in the kitchen, as a duty officer, or help with Lodge clean up and gardening. Volunteer!


Let us embrace the new ONE MOOSE. I am honored to serve as the President for the Pacifica Moose Lodge 1944. I hope that you will volunteer to serve on a committee or if you have ideas for an event, please let me know. Your involvement will make us stronger, our message is ONE & FUN!

Membership is key to our success; we will be having a membership drive in the next few months.

Being a Moose is an honor and privilege to serve our community. This year we are ONE MOOSE, ONE AND FUN!

Fraternally Yours
Leonard Iniguez
One and Fun!!!

Margaret and I wish you all the best.

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