Notes from the Lodge Administrator, January 2022

Hello Brothers and Co Workers,

And just like that, 2021 is gone!

Man was that a fast year. Even with COVID restrictions hampering us we still achieved another solid year. Membership is way up, and great turn outs for the activities we were able to hold, and there were some good ones. This will be no different in 2022.

We still need to protect ourselves while at the Lodge. I want to thank everyone who automatically signs in when entering the Lodge and continues to wear their masks while up walking around. It appears we need to weather one more bout of this before we are in the clear. When will it end?

I want to apologize again for the pause with the Queen of Hearts game. The DOJ’s office in Sacramento added additional registration requirements, requiring several documents be sent before renewing the raffle permit. After two trips to Sacramento they now have all required documents. We will continue the game as soon as they send the required permit. Until then we must wait to be legal.

There are plenty of other events planned. On January 8th the district social will be at San Jose Lodge. This is where you can meet members of the other lodges in our district. See what makes their lodges successful and compare calendar dates so you may participate in some of their activities. Another big event hosted by San Jose Lodge on January 22nd is the “Legacy of the Moose”. That evening a nice dinner will be served, and the performance will be conducted by a group of members of our district. If you’ve never seen this, you won’t want to miss it! You will truly learn what we represent and why we do what we do with such a passion.

In closing, I want to say our Lodge is doing quite well. Join us at any general membership meeting. There’s two per month if you have questions. And many thanks to our leadership: President Leonard and Senior Regent Ellie and their boards, as well as the Moose Legion committee are doing a great job of bringing the fun. As I opened with, 2022 will be no different!

I hope your Christmas was special and your New Year becomes the best one yet. Hope to see you at the Lodge soon.

Fraternally Yours,
Rich Russitano

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