From The Legion, September 2022

Hello Brother Legionnaires and General Members,

I am honored to announce that Brother Fellow Sam Allen has been appointed the
International Moose Legion Ambassador. Congratulations Brother Sam.

Allen Childs who is a member of our lodge has received the highest horror as a Moose Legionnaire, The Pilgrim Degree of Merit. Congratulations Pilgrim Allen Childs.

Due to the needs of our membership wanting to celebrate family milestones the Moose Legion committee unfortunately is unable to schedule any dates this year’s events. We are hoping to get our dates after the 1st of the year.

We are working on a fishing trip in late September or early October. Let me know if you’re interested in fishing out of HMB. New date: October 15th the Legacy of the Moose will take place and be hosted at the Sunnyvale Lodge 906 Kiefer Rd. Sunnyvale, CA. We will try to have an event each month after the new year.

We are hoping to get enough volunteers to share in the fun working on Thursday and Friday dinners and other events. Share the wealth.

To join the Moose Legion all you must do now is fill out an application with dues of $20.00 and attend a Moose Legion Conferral.

Line dancing is on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. Don’t forget about our monthly Moose Legion pancake breakfast, still the best deal in town. A Moose Legion meeting will follow the pancake breakfast.

Take the next step in Fraternalism and become a Legionnaire. Be part of the ‘Be’ team: Be Active, Be Committed and Be Rewarded by the impact we have on the lives of those we serve!

Your Moose Legion Committee

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