Notes from the Lodge Administrator, November 2022

Hello everyone!

And just like that, summer is gone in a flash. With the fall months upon us, kids back to school, all extra traveling done. We can welcome a more normal pace and slow it down a bit.

We did have a few remarkable things happen at the lodge this summer though. We have two members that were recognized at the mid-year conference in Reno. Past Regent Ellie Tippet received her Green Gavel degree and our Jr. Past President Leonard Iniguez received his Fellowship degree. What a great time that was. Please congratulate them when you see them. They both do so much for our lodge and their honors are well deserved.

I’d like to share something with you that really struck me a few weeks ago. As you know we give out High School Scholarships every year to graduates at Terra Nova and Oceana High Schools. We give $500 scholarships to about 25 grads and as you can imagine we receive the same number of thank you letters in return, and this one reads:

To Pacifica Moose Lodge-

I am honored to receive the scholar award and look forward to make meaningful use of your investment in my future. I humbly thank you and the board members for bestowing me with this blessing that I may continue my education and have a great impact within my family, my alma mater and community. Thank you all for this opportunity and I hope to continue to make you proud.

So, we get letters like this from all the kids but this one cuts right to the heart of exactly why we do what we do. Why we are always coming up with ways to fundraise. This is the reason. We are investing in the future of our own communities. Please know that when you’re at the lodge playing Queen of Hearts or placing money in the endowment bucket, or making any other donation to Moose Charities, your money is helping change other people’s lives in more ways than you can imagine at Moose Heart for the kids, Moose Haven for our seniors and kids right here at home, and that we can all be proud of.

I’m very grateful to all that participate, our volunteers and lodge officers who live up to this year’s theme MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please come join us at the lodge.

That’s what being a Moose is all about Folks!

Fraternally Yours,
Rich Russitano Sr.

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