Notes from the Lodge Administrator, May 2023

Hello everyone!

First order of business is to congratulate the new incoming board members of both the WOTM and the Lodge Board of Officers. Once again, the lodge has the benefit of the most qualified members available to carry the lodge forward into the coming year. So best wish to all for another fun and successful year!

With that said, and as you may have heard the board seat of Administrator as of May 1st is vacant (created by my plans to retire). The lodge is in need of someone to come forward to fill the position. We are earnestly looking for that one member who’s willing to be trained and give it try. I will be available along with other experienced board members to work with and provide all the training necessary for a successful start.

In the interim I will be working on a month-to-month basis with the new treasurer Tony Miranda who is willing to shoulder some of these responsibilities until a new administrator comes forward. I also want to thank Debbie Blanchard and Chris Gigliotti for helping with the weekly book work that continues.

If I could just add and ask all you concerned members to reach out and help us find someone to fill this spot. Our lodge deserves it!

Once again, congrats to our new Senior Regent Chris Gigliotti and President Tony Johnson and all their board members as they lead us into the new year.

Please come join us at the lodge.

That’s what being a Moose is all about Folks!

Fraternally Yours,
Rich Russitano Sr.