Attention New Members and Sponsors

Our next Get Acquainted and Welcome Dinner is Tuesday, November 10th at 6:00 PM. You will be contacted by the Lodge for an RSVP.

Notes from The Administrator

Dinner Price Increases

Dear Members,

Due to increased materials costs and the costs of complying with ever-changing COVID-19 policies & protocols, we must unfortunately consider raising the price of entrees on our dinner menu.

We have avoided raising prices for as long as …

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Notes from The Recorder

I would like to thank everyone who has paid their yearly membership dues.

Here are three ways you can pay:

  • Send a check to: Moose International Dues Processing Center, PO Box 88065 Chicago, IL 60680-1065
  • Drop off your check to the Lodge Recorders Office. Make sure you have your membership ID on your check.


Debbie Willers-Blanchard
WOTM Recorder

Problem with your card? Email to

A Note to Members and their Qualified Guests

This is a friendly reminder that we are part of a private organization known as the Loyal Order of Moose Intl. As such, we have lodge by-laws to operate on that are based on the general-laws put forth by Moose Intl., as well as IRS and federal laws. We are allowed to operate as a“Not for Profit” lodge, as long as we are in compliance with all of these requirements.

It is a privilege and honor to be a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, hence your Membership Card.

Your Membership in your Lodge, and the activities you participate in, are part of those privileges and should not be abused.

Members are responsible for their actions and their guest at all times. In the event that the by-laws of the Lodge or Moose Intl. are abused or broken; the House Committee of the Moose Lodge will take action against your lodge membership ranging from a verbal warning, suspension, and or recommendation that your membership should be terminated.

It is the obligation of the members, board of officers and the House Committee, to maintain Decorum at all times and keep our Moose Lodge the “Friendliest Place in Town”.

Thank You for your understanding,
House Committee,
Pacifica Moose Lodge #1944

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