Attention Veteran Members

Greetings, my name is Moses Gines.

I recently retired from the US Air Force and currently work at the San Francisco VA Medical Center as a Training Specialist. I have been a member of the Pacifica Lodge since 2014 and am looking forward to starting up our Valued-Veterans program.

Our first step is to make a listing of the Veterans within our Lodge. I will be leaving a roster at the upstairs bar – please sign it and provide the following info if you are a US Military Veteran:

  • Name
  • Branch
  • Rank
  • Years Served

In doing so, we will begin to gain access to Valued Veteran information, resources, and programs throughout the entire Moose Organization. We are also taking a step towards recognizing special veterans from our community. Additionally, there are ways that all members of our Lodge can support Veterans and participate in upcoming events.

More info can be found on the California / Nevada Moose website and at Moose International:
Valued Veterans – The Moose (

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, thanks.

Moses C. Gines
Pacifica Moose Legionnaire

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