COVID-19 Update

As we get closer to reopening the Lodge, we must take several steps to protect our Lodge and its membership:

  • The Lodge will have a designated COVID-19 Point of contact. This person will be responsible for responding to COVID-19 questions.
  • All guests will be required to fill out a COVID-19 acknowledgment form and have their temperature taken before entering the social quarters.
  • If a guest should have a temperature greater than 100.4ºF, they along with their party shall not be allowed into the lodge.
  • We will be temporally requiring phone reservations for dinner. When making your reservation you must give name and number in your party. Remember you can only dine at the same table with others from the same household.
  • Entrance though the front door only.
  • Wheelchair or those needing help can enter though the backdoor.
  • Cashier will have several pens for members to use and will be sanitize after use.
  • We will eliminate all self-service items: salad bar, condiments (salt, pepper, ketchup etc.) water and coffee.
  • Only authorized volunteers will be allowed in the kitchen area.
  • NO OUTSIDE VISITORS (members only)!
  • Face covering must be worn at all time in the lodge and can only be removed while eating.
  • Drinks can only be ordered with dinner!

We will continue with our remarkably successful drive thru pickup orders.

Remember: if you are not feeling well, stay home.

These are guidelines set by the CDC. We hope you understand and can adhere to these guidelines.

Wash your hands often with soap and hot water!

Please remember to have your membership card with you in order to enter the building.

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