New Members, November 2020

  • Cris Borland, sponsored by Daniel Basques
  • Caban Carmen, sponsored by Cindy Velez
  • Pat Chase, sponsored by Michelle Lavorini
  • Danielle Contreras, sponsored by Leonard Iniguez
  • Michelle Smith, sponsored by Delia Solis
  • Augusta Solano, sponsored by Paticia Soloano
  • Cindy Velez, sponsored by

New Members, November 2020

  • Tom Borland, sponsored by Daniel Basques
  • James Chase, sponsored by Leonard Iniguez
  • Steve Fanfa, sponsored by Michelle Lavorini
  • Vic Gallant, sponsored by Paul Lavorini
  • Mike Gavney, sponsored by Rich Russitano
  • Manuel Miranda, sponsored by Bando Bonilla
  • Tony Miranda Jr, sponsored

Dinner Price Increases

Dear Members,

Due to increased materials costs and the costs of complying with ever-changing COVID-19 policies & protocols, we must unfortunately consider raising the price of entrees on our dinner menu.

We have avoided raising prices for as long as …