From The Legion, March 2024

Hello Brother Legionnaires and General Members,

I trust your all doing well, here we are at the last quarter of our year which ends April 30th.

So much to do in the last couple of months. Membership is always a top priority. Golden Spot 15 has come up with a couple of yearend membership campaigns. Sponsor 3 new members by April 30th your name is put in for a drawing, three lucky winners will receive one years dues.

The other if you sign up 5 new members between May 1st 2023 through April 30, 2024, your name will be entered for a life membership. You still have time. th Make plans to attend our Moose Legion Golden Spot 15 awards dinner in Sunnyvale April 13 . This will be a fun weekend. Our guest of honor will be International Moose Legion President Chuck Barber and his wife Patty also joining us from Florida Moose Legion Ambassador Ricky Shockley and his wife Rhonda.

We have some exciting events planned for the coming months. In May we will be hosting a blessing of the bikes and poker run. Date to be announced. June 28th we are hosting a Chili cook off at the lodge. Golden Spot 15 Moose Legionnaire special endowment donation. We are again asking our members to give a minimum of $20.00 Moose Legion Level, $50.00 Fellows Level, $100.00 Pilgrim Level. Get on the Honor Roll.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Moose legionnaire this is the time to take the next step in fraternalism. To join the Moose Legion all you must do now is fill out an application with dues of $20.00 and attend a Moose Legion Conferral. I would be happy to sponsor you on your next step in fraternalism.

Line dancing is on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. Don’t forget about our monthly Moose Legion pancake breakfast, still the best deal in town. A Moose Legion meeting will follow the pancake breakfast.

Take the next step in Fraternalism and become a Legionnaire. Be part of the ‘Be’ team: Be Active, Be Committed and Be Rewarded by the impact we have on the lives of those we serve!

Your Moose Legion Committee

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